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Film Dogs

Canix trains dogs for motion pictures, television, publicity, fashion shows, and print jobs. The dogs learn to perform specific movements, tasks or stunts on cue, to repeat them several times in a row, to ignore cameras and to work with people unfamiliar to them. Selecting a highly trained dog for a role will save time and money and will always produce a better result.
Canix has many years of experience in dog training and can make dogs do amazing things. We work all over the world and accept highly complicated jobs with enthusiasm.


Canix can assist in selecting the breed and the dog for a specific role in a movie, a TV show or for publicity and fashion shows. We have experience with how people perceive the various breeds, which breeds can learn different types of tasks and within a given breed we can evaluate individual dogs to identify a dog that is capable of learning the required tasks and that can perform. Only very few dogs within a given breed will be able to learn highly complicated tasks and it is therefore necessary to allow time for selecting a suitable dog.
We have our own fully trained dogs that already know a broad range of tricks and tasks and that have experience performing, but we can locate and train dogs of any desired breed you may need.


Canix can train a dog to do anything it is physically capable of doing with its mouth, paws and body. The tasks can be complicated sequences, tricks and stunts and we accept any type of training assignment which does not risk the welfare of the dog. It is important to contact us in the early stages of the production if the assignment is complicated as the dog must be trained specifically for that production. In addition to the actual tasks, the dogs will be trained to work on cues, to repeat the scenes several times in a row, to relate to actors and to ignore cameras and other activities around them.

We have significant experience in dog training as we train service, hearing, therapy and hunting dogs, we teach dogs tricks, agility and flyball and we act as consultants on behavioural problems in dogs. We have a very broad background in dog training and behaviour, and often teach dogs very complicated tasks, e.g. to take a zipped jacket or shoes with lazes off a person.

At Canix we have several dogs that are trained to perform, but we also train other puppies and dogs, if a different breed or a different exterior is required. We prefer to locate the dog ourselves or at least to be involved in the process, particularly if a significant amount of training is required, as only few individuals within a breed can learn highly complicated tasks. Our own dogs will be able, on short notice, to participate in a production, but if a different dog is required it is necessary to allow time for training.
We accept assignments all over the world as our dogs are used to travel.

The Handler

The person, who has trained the dog, will handle the dog at all times during the production. You will find we have a professional attitude, and that we know what a production company needs and expects from a dog and its handler in terms of flexibility and ability to modify the performance of the dog in response to changing circumstances.


Canix can function as consultants during the pre-production and production stages. Canix can advise on:

- the types of tasks feasible to teach a dog

- if the training must begin when the dog is a puppy, or whether an adult dog can learn the task

-the planning of scenes with the dog, often a small change is shooting-angle can make a task possible

- choice of breed for a particular part, and how the breed is perceived

- adjusting the shooting schedule to the requirements of the dog

Special Jobs

In case you need a new Lassie or a new Rin Tin Tin for a motion picture or a TV show, Canix can find a puppy of the desired breed and can train it specifically for this role. This must be planned well in advance as Canix must evaluate several litters to identify a puppy that has the potential to learn the necessary tasks, the puppy must be trained and it must grow to the right age for the role. During the shooting of the production, Canix will handle the dog to ensure it performs well. After the production has ended the dog will stay at Canix or be adopted by a suitable family.
This approach is only required if the dog has to perform many complicated sequences or must learn new tasks every week on a short time schedule.
Several of our current dogs will be able to fulfill such assignments on short notice.


Dogs from Canix has, e.g. participated in the Danis feature film Fukssvansen from Zentropa and in the novel-film Next to the Road as well as in several commercials.
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